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When you have completed your hearing exam, our audiologist may ask you to repeat 1-syllable words to determine if you are experiencing hearing loss. If your hearing loss is considerable, our audiologist may recommend a fitting for a hearing aid.


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What happens after the exam?

What is audiology?

Audiology is the science of measuring hearing loss and providing assistance with hearing rehabilitation. At North Ridge Hearing Company, our friendly audiologist is here to assist you with your hearing health, starting with a FREE examination and comprehensive hearing test.


If you think your hearing ability has decreased, call to schedule an appointment.

FREE Examination

If you are experiencing hearing loss, call today to schedule a FREE examination and comprehensive hearing test at one of our 3 locations.

During your comprehensive exam, you'll be listening to a frequency hearing test, which will play a series of tones. When you hear the tones, you will notify a staff member when you hear a tone and whether the tone sounded from the left or right.

How does the hearing exam work?


Let our experienced audiologist evaluate your hearing health.

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