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Practice Your Listening Skills - Try Out the Med-El-Sentence Matrix Online Tool

By northridge3111959, Jul 2 2015 10:00AM

We sincerely believe that hearing better is not just the result of the technology, but also using and training your brain for better hearing. We plan to provide tools and information to help you practice hearing better in all kinds of listening situations. Check out the featured tool below and also watch for in-office demonstrations of aural rehab computer programs and aural rehab videos coming soon.

The featured tool this month is the Med-El Sentence Matrix tool:

This is a web-based tool that can be used from any computer. Select a male or female voice, the amount of background noise you want to practice in as well as slow or fast speed. You will hear a sentence and then be asked to choose the words you heard from the group of words displayed on the screen.

Click this link to give it a try!

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