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Paying the full cost upfront for a new hearing aid can be difficult, and with the rate of change in hearing technology many people are seeking the flexibility to upgrade their hearing aids on a regular basis. That’s why we’ve developed the North Ridge Lease-2-Hear program.


Lease-2-Hear is a unique program that brings excellent technology and ongoing hearing care to patients at a fixed low monthly cost.


  • Stay current with hearing technology

  • Low monthly payment

  • Free bateries during lease period

  • Free follow-up care during lease period

  • Free repair warranty coverage through entire lease period

  • Free loss and damage warranty coverage through entire lease period

  • Flexibility to purchase, return, or upgrade your hearing aid at the end of the lease period

Benefits of Lease-2-Hear

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How it works...

If you decide to lease a hearing aid from us you will:

  • Sign a lease agreement

  • Pay $250 fitting fee

  • Pay $250 deposit (includes first month’s rent)

Fill out automatic withdrawal form for $42 per month (per hearing aid) for 36 months


At the end of the 3 year lease period you can:

  • Purchase the hearing aid for $250

  • Return the hearing aid and be refunded your                                            $250 deposit

  • Put the $250 deposit towards an upgrade to a new hearing aid


Excellent hearing technology and ongoing care for a fixed low monthly cost.